About the LGU

Silang, officially the Municipality of Silang, (Tagalog: Municipio ng Silang), is a municipality in the province of Cavite, in the Philippines.

How to invest in Silang?

Secure a Business License

Before starting any type of business in Silang, a business license must be first secured, certifying that the operations and transactions are legal and legitimate.
After securing a business license, you are assumed to have complied and will continue to comply with all the Post-audit requirements. An inspection shall be conducted within a month following the release of the business license to ensure full compliance. Any violation of conditions of approval is sufficient ground for the revocation of the business license.

Requirements for Application of Business Permits and Licenses: It should have the following documents:

New Businesses
1.Proof of business registration, incorporation, or legal personality
(ie, DTI/ SEC/ Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) registration):
note: In certain cases like Sari-Sari Stores not using any or without business name the requirement of DTI/SEC registration may be dispense with during initial registration (see Act No. 3883
2.Basis for computing taxes, fees, and charges (e.g. business capitalization);
3.Occupancy Permit, if required by national laws (e.g. Building Code) and local laws;
4.Contract of Lease (if Lessee); and
5.Barangay clearance (for business which are not required occupancy permits).

1.Basis for computing taxes, fees and charges (e.g. Income Tax Returns); and
2.Barangay Clearance

3 Simple and Easy Steps to Secure a Business License

1. FILLING UP OF APPLICATION FORM. Get a copy from the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO), Acienda Deisgner Outlet, Brgy. Lalaan I, Silang, Cavite. Fill it up with the required information.
2. ASSESSMENTS AND PAYMENTS. Proceed for assessment and computation of fees/order of payment. Then, pay the corresponding business license fees.
3. RELEASING OF BUSINESS LICENSE/PERMITS. Present the Official Receipt for the issuance of Business Permit and Business Plate.

For more information, please contact Mr. Jonathan A. Ambalada, BPLO OIC, at Telephone Number. (046) 414-0202 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Secure a Building Permit

1. Four (4) copies of filled up Unified Application Form for Building Permit and FSEC
2. Fiiled-up Application Form for Locational Clearance
3. Original Certificate of Title (OCT) / Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), or Deed of Absolute Sale or Lot Locational Plan from LRA (if lesee, Contract of Lease)
4. Four (4) sets of Surveys Plans, design plans and other documents as follows:
      A) Architectural Documents
      B) Civil / Structural Documents
      C) Electrical Documents
      D) Mechanical Documents
      E) Sanitary Documents
      F) Plumbing Documents
      G) Electronics Documents
      H) Geodetic Documents
      I) Fire Protection Plan (if applicable)
              - Automatic Fire Suppression System
              - Wet Stand Pipe
              - Dry Stand Pipe
              - Kitchen Hood Suppression
              - Fire Detection & Alarm System
5. Three (3) photocopies of Valid Licenses (PRC I.D.) of all involved professionals
6. Notarized estimated value of the building / structure to be erected as declared by the owner
7. Contrction Safety and Health Program
8. Affidavit of Undertaking
9. Soil Test (if applicable)

Notes :
      All application forms are available in the OSCP and/or on the website.
      All the fully accomplished forms and requirements must be fastened in a LONG FOLDER exept for the Drawing Plans and reports. ONLY A COMPLETE AND COMPLIANT APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.

      Bring this checklist with detachable Claim Stub when submitting your applicaition.
      Keep your CLAIM STUB at all times; "NO CLAIM STUB, NO RELEASE"

      Downladable Forms
              PLUMBING PERMIT
              FENCING PERMIT             

Occupational Permit

Requirements for acquiring different kinds of Certifications from PESO

1. Mayor’s Working Permit
-Official Receipt from Treasury
- Brgy. Certification
2. Referral for work
- Official Receipt from Treasury
- this referral is given to those who are applying for work outside Municipality of Silang.
3. Certificate of Unemployment
- Official Receipt from Treasury
- Brgy. Certificate of Unemployment
4. PNP Mayor’s Clearance
  PNP Resolution
  PNP Peace and Order
  PNP Endorsement
- Official Receipt from Treasury
- Voter’s Registration
- Judge Clearance from MTC
5. Bond Certificate for Brgy. Captain and Brgy. Treasurer
- Official Receipt from Treasury
- Judge Clearance from MTC
6. Certification for Local Employment
   ( BFP, Coastguard, Armed Forces etc..)
- Official Receipt from Treasury
- Judge Clearance from MTC

Securing Locational Clearance


All enterprises and private persons constructing a new building or applying for expansion/ renovation are required to secure a locational clearance upon application for building permit.
This should be done before the start of construction to ensure that the building/business is allowed in the chosen location as per the municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP).
1. One (1) set of Site Development Plan & Complete sets of Plans (Architectural, Structural etc.)
2. One (1) set of the following documents duly signed and sealed by licensed geodetic engineer:
  Vicinity Map together with the actual photo (picture) of the site
  Survey Plan of the lot/s as described in TCT/s
3. One (1) copy of Title/s or Tax Declaration/s and current Tax Receipt
4. Deed of Sale or Contract of Lease when applicable
5. Barangay Clearance
6. Environmental Compliance Certificate/Certificate of Non-Coverage (DENR)
Locational Clearance fee P 5.00/sq.m.
Process Flow
Submission of Requirements
    - Bring your notarized application form together with all the requirements.
Review and Verification
    - Person-in-charge reviews and verifies submitted requirements
Assessment of Fees
    - Have your clearance fees assessed.
Payment of Fees 
    - Proceed to the Municipal Treasurer’s office; pay the requisite fees and secure an Official Receipt.
Preparation of Locational Clearance
    - Present the Official Receipt and officer-in-charge prepares, processes and records Locational Clearance. 
Approval of Locational Clearance
    - Person-in-charge secures the signature of the MPDC & the Municipal Mayor .
Releasing of Locational Clearance
Locational Clearance released to the applicant upon approval.


Demolition Permit


Signboard Billboard Permit


Electrical Permit


Mechanical Permit


Sanitary Permit


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